Strong jewelry visuals

Build a unique brand identity

Over the years, Ink has built a strong reputation in jewelry photography. We work for international brands and renowned jewelry stores. Our images are of a high creative and technical quality and we give your brand its own identity. We create a visual language that distinguishes your brand or offer and we ensure a strong cohesion between all images, in photography, video and 3D.
  • Product images
  • Atmospheric images
  • Jewelry on model
  • Model images in studio or on location
Illuminating jewelry images

Images that support your sales

In addition to creating a unique brand identity, the images also have a function in your sales process. Depending on the final use we’ll make these images in photography, video or 3D.

  • Studio shots (product on white background or in an atmosphere)

  • Scale shots (on model to show the size of the jewel)

  • Detail shots (to view the jewel in different angles)

  • 360° video or 3D animation

  • Lifestyle shots (for advertising, POS material or social media)

  • Packaging shots (for webshop use)

  • Jewelry making process images

Photography, video and 3D visualisations

Jewelry images with a purpose

INK creates images in photography, video and 3D visualisations, depending on the use and purpose of this material. Brochures, points of sale, webshops, social media channels, all have a different function and require different visual material. And each tool or channel has its own technical requirements. Our job is to create unity through it all and strengthen your brand.

Why clients

choose INK


We help you define your brand and create a unique visual language that can be realised with photography, 3D visualisations and video.


More than 20 years of experience and expertise in photography, 3D and video for product, lifestyle, fashion, food and industry.


A team of skilled image creators and photographers, image editors, motion and 3D designers puts its talents together to create your unique visual language.


Our project managers look for the appropriate model, make-up artists, stylists, locations, props and work together with the client towards the final image.

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