photography, image editing, 3D visualisations, video

INK creates a strong visual language for your brand

INK creates high-end visuals for companies and brands in many sectors. We do this using photography, video and 3D visualisations. The internet and digital communication media make communication increasingly visual. Images allow us to convey a lot of information at a glance and are a deciding factor for your brand identity. Leaving a distinct visual impression is more important than ever. Consistency in all visuals is therefore fundamental, and campaign and product images must have a clear cohesion. Strong visual material helps brands to position themselves on the market, build a unique image, attract attention, seduce, inform, and sell.

Image creation for brand and usage

Images are used in many communication tools and fulfill different marketing functions. In a web shop, the visual material has to allow the user to form a good impression of the product in order to facilitate the purchasing process. On social media, it’s mainly to seduce and surprise. The aim when putting together brochures and magazine spreads, or designing websites is to create a strong brand experience. INK takes this versatile use into account when in preliminary discussions with you to ensure your visual brand is consistent and within your budget.

Craftsmanship in image creation and image processing

The INK team consists of photographers and videographers, image retouchers and 3D artists. Each of these professionals contribute to the creation of high-profile images. Our retouchers can make visual magic out of any image, elevating the commercial impact … Our 3D artists bring the impossible to life in extreme photorealism.