Anything is possible if your prepare in advance

INK creates images through photography, video and 3D visualization for concept & campaign, fashion & beauty, products, stills either on location or in studio. Our work has a creative and a technical aspect. Both determine the quality of the end result. But the creation of good visual material already starts at an earlier stage. Before going into production, we have to think about what an image needs to communicate, which techniques to use to get the visual elements just right, and what’s technically required to achieve a picture that’s worth a 1,000 words. Based on this briefing, we make concept and mood boards, scout for the right location (indoors/outdoors, at home/abroad), book the appropriate models, styling and make-up artists for the shoot, buy or rent props and build sets.

The communicative role of the image

An image not only reveals something, it also coveys a message. A person’s attitude, the environment in which they are located or the composition of products are important, but so too is the atmosphere, the essential lighting and colour to set the perfect tone. These are elements that are best determined in advance and then adapted and refined accordingly when on set. Each image must express meaning and respect the brand identity.

The final use of the image

When preparing the final image, we not only look at whether the image speaks to your brand and its message, but also which image technique will best get that message across… Still image or moving image. Photography or 3D visualization. Or a combination of both. Do we do everything in photography or partly in post-production? The final use of an image is also critical. Will it be used in print? Is it going to be used in a digital tool on a large or small format? Will it end up in a specific application that requires a certain type of images (webshop, social media channel)? This will determine what’s technically needed (ratio, format, file type, layers).