From refining to completely new image


Before and after

All photographic images are edited after the fact. Eliminating imperfections and colour correction are the usual interventions. But sometimes it includes much more than this. Some things are photographed separately and then mounted onto the image. Or some objects can be photographed with different lighting and sharpness  in order to compile the ideal image afterwards. INK retouchers are experts at this process and have an eye for making every image pop.

Casablanca Bathing_BSP_4419_afterCasablanca Bathing_BSP_4419_before

Video editing

INK makes a lot of brand videos. Often during photo shoots, moving images are made with the camera or drone camera. Sometimes a shoot is based on a storyboard and other times, improvised. These are then mounted afterwards depending on how the video is going to be used. Shopping point video, video for websites, short clips for social media.

The precise selection of the frames, the speed of cuts and transitions, the effects, the music and/or voiceover, are all part of the atmosphere and dynamics of the video that give your brand identity the look and feel you want.